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Ski is fall down cold hill sport.

Water is wet.

White woman is trophy.

Baseball is Japan.








       White woman is #1696.

            Low-cut blouse.

Shit pebble in shoe.


Hello, I am Masahiro Sato. I am Volunteer IOC Representative here to explain Japan 2020 Olympic Game to you, the foreigner. Please come to Japan and enjoy brief stay in hospitable lodgings and then please make your way quickly to airport and get out.


Also please remove shoe when indoors in Japan. And please don't shit in bed. And please don't shit in shoe. And also please remove shoe when shitting in bed.


Thank you.


 - Masahiro.

Chinese boxer is deportation.


Welcome to Tokyo Olympic Game.


Olympic is sport of world and today Japan is centre of world and black mans anus.

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